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Coordinating meeting 2014 international bearings

Date:2014-5-28 12:50:24

Coordination in December 12, 2013 "2014 international bearings and special equipment exhibition" will be held in Shanghai, the Secretary Chinese bearing industry association, CBIA (Beijing) Exhibition Co. Ltd. General Manager Zhou Yu attended the meeting and made a speech, CBIA (Beijing) Deputy General Manager Liu Jian Yang Lixin Exhibition Co. Ltd, and the bearing industry more than 100 enterprises to participate in the meeting the meeting was presided over by Yang Lixin, deputy general manager.

Zhou Yu the Secretary General in his speech analysis of the bearing industry, the current economic situation, the national industry policy, made a detailed, timely interpretation of the trend of development and industry bearing status in the national economy.

Introduced the "progress international bearings and special equipment exhibition" preparatory work, introduced the "international bearing Exhibition" and promote cooperation with the host industry associations in the preparatory process, and points out that the exhibition to promote industry upgrading, meaning to expand domestic and foreign markets.

Deputy general manager Liu Jian to the exhibitors in the exhibition company specific provisions of the new exhibition process are explained in detail, on the basis of an exhibition, a comprehensive understanding of hardware facilities and management methods on the Expo exhibition hall, exhibition company specialized operation summed up the problems in the process of in situ, will some improvement in the 2014 exhibition work, to create a good environment for the exhibition, in addition to the exhibition are 5 metres high and new regulations have clear signs, the organizer is registered in the exhibitor's column, increase the service level "exhibition services business unit of assessment and recommendation table", welcome to have the registration exhibitors to fill in, so as to improve the service.

After the meeting, the meeting discussed and divided into four groups and docking, exhibitors and exhibition company staff interact directly answer questions, exhibitors, the exhibition company staff to question one one records, and responsible for the enterprise booth arrangement

And the follow-up work.

After the meeting, all kinds of requirements and exhibition company staff will be exhibitors summary, research, coordination, and strive to make better development axis.

The meeting also clarified in 2014 May in the "China Everbright Exhibition Center" false fluttering exhibition, around the joint statement bearing association has been refuted, hope exhibitors must note, an exhibition to a number of problems it fluttering, a few years ago also had a similar economic disputes, is handled by the police after the intervention.

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