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Wire rod mill ZWZ development guide wheel bearing

Date:2014-5-28 14:22:31

Wire mill imported guide wheel and guide wheel for export. Guide wheel bearing belongs to the high speed light load bearing, line speed of 96 M / s, for life 72 hours, so the use is very big, but the domestic iron and steel enterprises all use imported bearings. Wazhou tissue engineering technical personnel to go to iron and steel industry users, the wire rod rolling mill guide wheel high speed bearings were developed, there developed five kinds of bearings, completed the prototype and the test, has been recognized by the user.

Car retarder is a vehicle auxiliary braking device, bear the vehicle deceleration required braking energy of about 30%-80%, avoid brake failure due to brake temperature is too high, or because of excessive friction and result in a blowout phenomenon, enhance the braking safety, the automotive industry is the new project, has great market prospects. Wazhou accelerated development of automobile retarder retarder bearing, bearing provides user has passed 40000 kilometers running experiments, ongoing bench test.

China is the world's largest overweight class built combined mobile crane, is 11 times the largest mobile crane lifting capacity, for the construction of offshore drilling platform. Wazhou synchronous development of the crane supporting pulley block machine supporting bearings, and for the success of customers.

Affected by the international economy is down, the development of machinery industry this year continued in 2012 the growth rate dropped trend. Facing severe market situation, the company to speed up structural adjustment, the development of major equipment precision bearings for direction, with sophisticated technology and manufacturing as the support, the commanding heights of strategy implementation, and batch production continued to achieve major breakthroughs in high-end bearing products to high-end products, pulling the market growth, the first half of this year completed a total of 413 kinds of new product development the management targets, with the same period last year and grew slightly.

At present, has mastered the core technology R & D bearing, to carry out basic research of structure mechanics, material science, bearing lubrication and friction, vibration and noise, reliability test and other disciplines, master the major technical equipment supporting high-end bearing design, manufacturing and testing technology, and built a wind power, rail transportation, large equipment, automobile, machine tools and other products of the five test platform, the bearing is solved using the process of high speed, high precision, long life lubrication and seal the core technology in the fields of manufacturing, from a single bearing factory become innovative enterprises with technology solutions, changed many key areas in China the key technology of high precision, high reliability, high speed bearing long-term dependence on imports of the situation, as the rapid development of China's major equipment manufacturing industry provides a powerful guarantee.

In the high-end bearing research and development, the first half of the year the company successfully developed 10000rpm ultra high-speed spindle bearings, import substitution, the development of new markets; the completion of R & D medical CT machine main rotary bearing, achieve import substitution; the successful development of the iron and steel industry high speed wire rod rolling mill bearing, import substitution; the high-end gearbox bearings, motor bearings to replace imported high-end, batch production. In addition, in the development of marine, aviation and other high-end bearing, but also to achieve a new breakthrough.

The implementation of the commanding heights of strategic, comprehensive and improves the precision standard bearing products and life standard, to reduce equipment cost. Railway bearing maintenance free period from 4 years to 8 years, automobile bearing up to 300000 km free maintenance, wind power bearing reliability reached 20 years without failure, domestic metallurgical industry supporting bearing reached the level of similar foreign products. (reproduced in: the bearing network)

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